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Moving to Cyprus

Requirements of Residency

There are different rules and regulations on moving to Cyprus depending on your existing citizenship and where in the world you are moving from. For EU and EEA citizens, the move is a simple one because Cyprus is a member of the European Union. For non-EU citizens, there are strict regulations that you must follow.

EU/EEA Citizens

You don’t require a visa to enter Cyprus if you are a British citizen or British subject with right of living in the UK. There is no minimum passport validity requirement, but your passport must be valid for the whole duration of your stay.

EU/EEA nationals who are planning on staying in the Republic of Cyprus for more than 3 months are required to apply for a residence permit (yellow slip).

After 5 consecutive years of living in Cyprus, a permanent registration certificate can be applied for.

Non-EU/EEA Citizens

To understand the procedures of moving to Cyprus from a non-EU/EEA country, please visit the Cyprus Government website or make an appointment at your nearest Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus.


Who to Contact Before the Move

If you are moving or retiring to Cyprus from the UK, it is best practice to contact the following centres before you move:

Your Local Council

Contact your local council and give them your new address, or if you don’t have a new address yet, tell them that you have quit your UK one.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

You must contact HMRC before you move to Cyprus so that they can work out how much tax you need to pay in your new situation.
Read GOV.UK’s relevant page for full information and advice on taxation.

International Pension Centre

You need to contact the Pension Centre to understand what will happen to your pension when you move to Cyprus. Your state pension is claimable and payable in Cyprus if you’ve paid enough UK National Insurance contributions to qualify.

Relevant Benefit Offices

If you receive any benefits – e.g. Jobseeker's Allowance, Maternity, Childcare, Illness, Disability etc. –in the UK, you need to contact the relevant offices to tell them you’re moving to Cyprus.


Helpful Tips

  • Ensure you make copies of the following before you move:

Birth certificate for you and any children
Marriage certificate
Employment contract (if applicable)
Passport photographs
Medical and dental records

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Where to stay?

Paphos Region

From Limassol on the south coast to Polis on the island’s north-western tip is the Paphos region of Cyprus. Most people flock to the region’s breath-taking beaches, which have white sands, edged by pam trees. Both Paphos and Limassol have retained their Mediterranean charm, with cobbled stone old towns and buzzing little cafes.

Larnaca Region

The island’s east coast is the nocturnal sister to the west. Ayia Napa has earned its stripes for being a town that knows how to let its hair down but turn your back on it and head out into the countryside and it’s a paradise for walkers and family outings.

Capital Nicosia

If a beach holiday isn’t your thing, then having Nicosia as your base could be the perfect option. It is an enticing city with museums, churches, mosques, traditional restaurants and unspoilt streets to explore.

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Getting Around


Driving is on the left and cars are right-hand drive in Cyprus; one less thing to have to get accustomed to! Motorways and main roads are a good standard but side roads, especially in the mountains, might be unsurfaced. Speed limits vary depending what type of road you are on, but generally motorways have a maximum of 100km/h, main roads have a limit of 80km/h and built-up areas are generally 50km/h.

Parking is free in many villages, as well as on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays in towns. It’s worth having a look at the nearest meters for street parking or carparks should have a sign up indicating prices.

Driving in the north is similar to driving in the south: cars drive on the left and the signage is international.

Car Rentals

Both international airports offer full car renting facilities, including companies Europcar and Sixt.

In the South: There are rental companies in the main towns and cities. You can also rent motorcycles, scooters and quad bikes. Check with the company if you want to visit the north of the island and for insurance.

In the North: There are only local rental companies – most of which are well set up – and the minimum for hire is 25.

Car rental starts at around €34 per day in summer, €20 per day in winter.


The south of the island has a good bus system, covering all districts, and is used as a reliable mode of transport.

Fares €1.50 for a single journey and a day ticket costs €5.00.

Visit Cyprus by Bus for a combined view of all the bus routes and times.


In the South: Taxis can either be hailed from the street or a taxi rank, or booked over the phone. In main cities they are extensive and equipped with meters that the taxi drivers are obliged to use.

In the North: Make sure to agree a fare at the start as the drivers don’t operate with meters.


Cyprus is an incredible destination for cyclists or if you just fancy hiring a bike for a day or two. There are lots of established routes that you can explore before or during your stay.

Bike renting is available from Paphos and the West, Larnaca and Limassol regions.

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Getting There


Most people fly into Cyprus, arriving at either one of the island’s two International Airport. Airfares depend on season; you’ll pay the highest fares in peak season (June – August) and you’ll get the best prices in low season.

There are daily flights from all the major UK airports to Pathos International Airport and Larnaca International Airport. Flight times are in range of 4.5 hours and you can find flights from all the London airports. The following airlines (but not limited to) fly to Cyprus:

• Thomson
• British Airways
• Thomas Cook
• easyJet
• Norwegian Air
• Monarch
• Ryanair
• Aegean Airlines

Larnaca International Airport

Laraca International Airport is the main airport for Cyprus. Travel distance to Paphos is 1.5 hours and you can reach Nicosia in 50 minutes.

Pathos International Airport

Pathos International Airport is approximately 12km from Paphos and well served by bus and taxi network.

North Cyprus

It is not possible to fly directly from the UK to the northern part of Cyprus. Under the terms of the International Convention on Civil Aviation of 1944, flights can only operate legally to the international airports designated by the Republic of Cyprus.

Crossing the 'Green Line’

A buffer zone, known as the 'Green Line', was established following hostilities in 1974. It is patrolled by UN peace keeping forces, dividing the island from the coast north west of Morphou through Nicosia to Famagusta. It is possible to visit the northern part of Cyprus by using any one of the official crossing points on the 'Green Line'. There are no longer any restrictions on how long you can stay in the northern part of Cyprus if you cross over.

The crossing points are:

Ledra Palace in central Nicosia (Pedestrians Only)

Ledra Street in central Nicosia (Pedestrians only)

Agios Dometios in Nicosia

Limnitis in the hills above Kato Pygros

Plya to cross into the north from Larnaca

Astromeritis near Morphou

Strovila is the easternmost crossing point

There are no strict border formalities for EU citizens at the green line but you’ll need your passport. You’ll not get a stamp on your passport but on an accompanying document.

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Flying to and from Cyprus

Flying to and from Cyprus


Cyprus has 2 new world class airports recently build under a PFI inititive with Hermes Airports.


Paphos international airport was opened in November 2008 and won an award for the best European airport in its first year. It is approximately 12km from Paphos and well served by the bus and taxi network and only 3 km from the main motorway.


Larnaca International Airport opened in November 2009. It is the main airport for Cyprus, close to the main motorway network, Paphos is 1.5 hours away, Nicosia less. It has the latest technology for a large airport including sky walks and has provision for great expansion in the future when needed.


Please find below links to the airport websites, arrivals and departures.

Official Website for Larnaca Airport
Airline List for Lanaca Airport
Larnaca Live Arrivals - Larnaca Live Departures

Official Website for Paphos Airport
Airline List for Lanaca Airport
Paphos Live Arrivals - PaphosLive Departures

NEW! Now get SMS to your Mobile about flights

Click here for a PDF with details

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Terms & Conditions

Invoice Issuing

We will issue invoice's 30 days before due where ever possible. They will be issued in PDF format to the email address we have on file for environmental impact reasons. Or we will deliver to you when we visit you to update your listing. You can print the invoice using the free Adobe reader here. Paper copies can be issued for a cost of €5.

Updating Contact Details

All clients are required to ensure that we have up to date contact details at all times. we are not responsible for loss of business, suspension of service and any problems that result due to not having updated details.

Invoice and Late Payment

Invoices are due to be paid by the date specified on the invoice. In the even of late payment we reserve the right to suspend any and all services until cleared payment is received in full. Additionally we reserve the right to apply interest at a rate of 5% above the prevailing Bank of Cyprus bank base rate on late payments. We also reserve the right to recover any collection costs and reasonable admin charge of €10 per letter and €3 per call to chase late payment. We would normally only make these charges in extreme cases. We will endeavour to contact clients and in any event we will levy no charges in the first month of late payment.


Discount Card Scheme

The Finding Cyprus discount card is the property of and if found please return to PO Box 64626, 8077, Pafos, Cyprus or tel +357 26272091.

The card can be used at any businesses displaying the Finding Cyprus card accepted here sticker or sign. To avoid any confusion present the card at the time of purchase.

The card cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or offers.

This card cannot be used for payments of goods or services, this card is not a credit or bank card. This card can be withdrawn at any time in the event of misuse or at the discretion of Finding Cyprus.

The use of the card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Finding Cyprus Discount card scheme.

Discounts can be added, removed at anytime

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Living in Cyprus

If you are living already in Cyprus or planning on moving over here we have information to help

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Travelling Cyprus

If you are traveling round Cyprus we have information to help plan your where to stay and help you get around

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If you visiting us in Cyprus we have information to help plan your stay and help you get started


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