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Activities you must try in Cyprus

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Activities you must try in Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful island and it’s not surprising that so many people flock to this favoured holiday destination. This magical Mediterranean paradise is filled with contrasts and there is so much to do, see and experience. Cyprus has so much to offer and it is vital that you don’t leave the island without enjoying the following activities:

Sweat it out

A visit to Omeriye Hamam, the ancient Turkish baths in Nicosia’s old town is truly a unique experience. The hamam is similar to a sauna and you can lie back in the ornately decorated rooms and indulge in a centuries-old Greek tradition. Situated in the stone-built Augustinian Church of St Mary that was built in the 14th Century, the baths are designed to offer a refreshing and relaxing experience unlike anything else enjoyed before.

Watch a play

At the top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea are the remains of the Roman city of Curium and the famed amphitheatre. Throughout the year plays are staged at the Curium ruins and the acoustics of this theatre are a testament to the sophistication of Roman engineering. A Shakespeare play is performed here annually and for thespians this is guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Visit a traditional taverna

The food in Cyprus is unforgettable and there is nothing more exciting than indulging in traditional cuisine made by a local family. Finding an authentic taverna that serves dishes made from recipes handed down for hundreds of years is the culinary equivalent to hitting the jackpot at www.mobilecasinoaustralia.com.au and the mezze platters, glyko sweets and fresh fruit washed down with local wines are unforgettable.

Watch turtles

Every year in June and July turtles make their way out of the Mediterranean Sea onto Lara Beach to lay their eggs. Watching these giant lumbering creatures come ashore is a truly unique experience and there are occasional organised tours that will take a few lucky people onto the rugged and remote sands to watch this annual event.

Cyprus offers activities for everyone and there is so much more to experience than just the beautiful beaches and stunning snowy peaks of Mount Olympus. The rich history of the island makes it an even more interesting destination and the many UNESCO heritage sites and museums offer insight into the cultures and traditions of this magical place.

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