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Online Shops that deliver to or in Cyprus


Shop Details Delivery Loads of things! Depends Clothes, shoes, accessories €6 Perfume, make-up, skin & hair care £4.00 Beauty products and fragrances £3.50 + .50
per additional item Clothes, shoes, accessories £6 Clothes, shoes, accessories £6.99 Clothes, shoes, accessories £5.95 Books Free Loads of things! Depends CD's, DVD's and games. Free Chemist goods, toiletries and fragrance Depends on weight
from £3.95 Clothes, shoes, accessories €15
Cotton Traders Clothes, shoes, accessories £6.95 Clothes, shoes, accessories £7.95 Clothes & accessories €19.90 Fragrances at reduced prices £3.00 per item Loads of things! Depends Hair products, fragrances, dental care, sun care, skincare, makeup and gift ideas. Free Lingerie and clothing £5.50 Fragrances and accessories at reduced prices £2.49 per item Clothes, shoes, accessories £8 Gold & silver jewellery €5.00
free if order over €50.00
Hi-2 Cosmetics Ltd Cosmetics Clothes Depends on weight Clothes, lingerie & accessories £6.00 Sports stuff Not stated All John Lewis online £7.50 Clothes, shoes, accessories £ 12 Dresses for young ladies - Cristening dresses £ 12 Lingerie and accessories £7.95 Hair, make-up, beauty electricals £2.20 + 1.55
per additional item Clothes €11.95 Clothes €22 Computer accessories £1.95 Clothes, shoes, accessories £5 Clothes, house, garden & more! Depends on weight & no. of items
Octave Collection Clothes, Pajamas and nightwear, thermals etc ! Depends on weight & no. of items Shoes £15 Clothing etc free over €20, &euro3 under 20 Products include books, DVD's, games, music, gadgets, mobiles, laptops and much more Free For all your biking needs Clothing etc £8 Clothes & accessories £10.00 Clothes at Tesco £10.00 Fashion Tights, Tights, Stockings & Much More £8.00 Similar to & Zavvi £0.99 Bedding & Towels £20.00 Cd's, DVD's, games & clothing. (Books & nelectronics excluded from international delivery) £0.99 Clothing, lingerie, swimwear, accessories etc £20.00 Shoes and handbags Free</> Pet supplies Depends on weight (max 2 kilos)
Details correct as of 9th March 2014
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