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Flying to and from Cyprus


Cyprus has 2 new world class airports recently build under a PFI inititive with Hermes Airports.


Paphos international airport was opened in November 2008 and won an award for the best European airport in its first year. It is approximately 12km from Paphos and well served by the bus and taxi network and only 3 km from the main motorway.


Larnaca International Airport opened in November 2009. It is the main airport for Cyprus, close to the main motorway network, Paphos is 1.5 hours away, Nicosia less. It has the latest technology for a large airport including sky walks and has provision for great expansion in the future when needed.


Please find below links to the airport websites, arrivals and departures.

Official Website for Larnaca Airport
Airline List for Lanaca Airport
Larnaca Live Arrivals - Larnaca Live Departures

Official Website for Paphos Airport
Airline List for Lanaca Airport
Paphos Live Arrivals - PaphosLive Departures

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